Ronnie Liang remembers turning down opportunity to become a K-pop idol trainee

Singer Ronnie Liang Reveals Past Opportunity to Become K-pop Idol Trainee

Ronnie Liang, a popular figure in the local music industry, recently shared a story about a time when he was offered the chance to audition for a K-pop group in South Korea. This opportunity arose during his rise to fame after participating in the ABS-CBN reality contest “Pinoy Dream Academy” and scoring a hit with his song Ngiti.

The offer to train as a K-pop idol came with the promise of potential worldwide fame, but also meant leaving behind his family and dealing with homesickness. Despite being tempted by the opportunity, Liang ultimately decided to stay in the Philippines and continue his singing career.

Reflecting on this moment in his past, Liang admitted to feeling some regret but recognized the value of his current path. He acknowledged the challenges of starting from scratch in a new country and expressed gratitude for the success he has found in the Philippines.

While Liang wonders about the what-ifs of his potential K-pop career, he remains proud of his accomplishments in the music industry. He is pleased to see his songs being performed by foreign artists, including K-pop acts, and continues to find joy in connecting with fans through his music.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Liang has also started a foundation called Project Ngiti, dedicated to helping children with cleft lip and cleft palate. His latest release, a self-produced version of the hit song “Para Lang Sa’yo,” is now available through Universal Records.

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