Bucket List items for Paolo, Patrick, and Kaye to complete

The Trio of Kaye Abad, Patrick Garcia, and Paolo Contis Reunites for No. 1 Netflix Film “A Journey”

Three beloved actors from ABS-CBN’s “Tabing Ilog” series, Kaye Abad, Patrick Garcia, and Paolo Contis, have come together after 25 years to star in the drama film “A Journey,” currently ranking as Netflix’s top film. The movie follows the character Tupe, played by Garcia, as he takes his friends Shane (Abad) and Bryan (Contis) on a transformative journey through Tasmania.

In a recent interview, the trio shared their personal bucket list items. Abad expressed her desire to spend quality time with her family, especially her children, emphasizing the importance of cherishing every moment with loved ones. On the other hand, Garcia listed building his dream home, traveling the world with his family, and watching LeBron James play basketball as his goals. Contis, reflecting on his mother’s recent stroke, emphasized the significance of spending time with loved ones.

Director RC delos Reyes highlighted the film’s themes of family and friendship, drawing inspiration from personal experiences during the pandemic. The actors’ chemistry and camaraderie on and off-screen contribute to the film’s depth and relatability. Despite playful banter, the trio knows when to balance humor and seriousness in portraying their characters.

As the film resonates with audiences worldwide, it serves as a reminder of the value of relationships and the fleeting nature of time. Abad, Garcia, and Contis’s on-screen reunion showcases a bond that transcends roles and mirrors the challenges and joys of real-life connections.

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