Morissette supports Bisaya music and looks forward to collaborating with KZ Tandingan again

Manila – Morissette, a Cebuana singer, is shining a spotlight on Bisaya songs and working on new projects that include Bisaya music. She shared her plans during the inaugural Billboard Philippines Women in Music event last March, where she won the People’s Choice award.

“I’m also putting up Bisaya music. I’m starting to also continuing championing Bisaya music as well, like sina KZ [Tandingan], Kyle [Echarri], and sina JK [Labajo]. They’ve already started and so I’m just helping out in the movement of pushing for Bisaya music,” Morissette said.

Recently, Juan Karlos (JK) and Kyle released their collaboration song, “Kasing Kasing,” which means heart in Bisaya. Morissette emphasized that joining this movement is close to her heart and a way of supporting aspiring singers from the provinces, especially since she also hails from Cebu.

She mentioned that she wants to help talented singers waiting for a big break, not just in Cebu but also in other provinces. Morissette expressed interest in collaborating again with fellow Bisaya singer KZ, as well as other Bisaya talents like Ms. Regine Velasquez and Ms. Pilita Corrales.

“It’s a beautiful culture that we have — music — and I think it’s important that we lift each other up from wherever we are, whatever languages that we speak,” Morissette concluded.

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