Police in Quezon City kill 2 murder suspects in confrontation.

Two murder suspects were killed in an alleged encounter with policemen in Sariaya town in Quezon province early Wednesday, according to a report from the Quezon police.

The two suspects, identified as alias “Bin Laden” and “Palos,” were found by pursuing operatives in Barangay Antipolo at 1:15 a.m. The suspects allegedly fired at the police, who were forced to shoot back, resulting in the deaths of both suspects.

Prior to the encounter, the two suspects and another individual named “Soya” had entered the home of Michael Timajo, 20, in Lucena City. One of the suspects shot Timajo with a caliber .45 pistol before fleeing the scene. Soya was later captured by police and revealed the whereabouts of his two companions.

The police are investigating the motive behind the killing of Timajo. It was also revealed that Bin Laden was the primary suspect in another murder case in Lucena City the previous month. Bin Laden had previously faced charges of illegal possession of firearms and illegal drugs based on his criminal record.

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