Manila LGU Announces ‘Half-Day Work’ in City Government Offices on October 31

Manila Implements Half-Day Work Schedule to Honor All Saints’ Day

The local government of Manila has made an announcement stating that city government offices will be operating until 12 noon on Tuesday, October 31. This decision was made to accommodate employees who need time to prepare for All Saints’ Day, particularly those who have relatives buried in their hometowns.

Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan signed Executive Order No. 35, which officially declares that all work in city government offices will halt after 12 noon. The order aims to enable city government workers to spend this significant Filipino tradition with their loved ones and relatives.

However, there are notable exceptions to the half-day work schedule. Offices involved in providing frontline services such as peace and order, public services, traffic enforcement, disaster and risk reduction management, and health sanitation, will remain operational despite the order.

For national government offices and private companies located within the city limits, the decision to suspend work is left to the discretion of their respective managements.

The implementation of this work suspension seeks to honor the annual commemoration of All Saints’ Day, allowing individuals to pay their respects to departed loved ones and observe traditional practices associated with the occasion.

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