Lola Amour premieres the official music video of ‘Raining in Manila’

Lola Amour Releases Official Music Video for Hit Song “Raining in Manila”

OPM rock band Lola Amour has finally unveiled the highly anticipated music video for their popular song “Raining in Manila.” The official video, which was released on YouTube, promises to captivate fans with its stunning visuals and heartfelt storyline.

“Raining In Manila,” released back in June, narrates the tale of an individual caught in the rain while in the bustling city of Manila. The song beautifully expresses the sentiments of longing and hope that arise when one deeply misses someone but finds themselves unable to connect due to factors such as weather or distance. Lola Amour seamlessly captures the essence of love and the struggles that accompany it through this moving track.

Critics and fans alike have been eagerly awaiting the music video’s release, leading to its current position at No. 14 on the Trending Music list on YouTube as of October 27th. Netizens have flooded the comments section with their excitement and praise for the long-awaited project.

One comment highlights the symbolism within the song, stating, “I love the symbolism of this song from moving on, coping mechanism to acceptance of fate, and tama yung isang comment na gecko symbolizes rebirth and a fresh start and for me, ulan symbolizes sadness which in this part 4 years ang ulan which is also the duration of his grieving period. For the rain to end means that he is happy and has the acceptance to move on. To start again.”

Another enthusiastic viewer mentioned, “This is definitely one of those ‘out there’ music videos, must’ve been really awesome to film it!”

The music video holds a special significance for some individuals who have a personal connection to the lyrics. One listener shared how the song resonated deeply, saying, “Glad this song finally has an official music video. Got to listen to this after going back to the Philippines this summer after 15 years of being away and finally coming back to my childhood home and seeing all my family once again. This song has touched so many emotions within me. Thanks Lola Amour for this wonderful music.”

The video’s symbolism and message have also sparked conversations, with one viewer commenting, “It’s quite funny, but in the Asian region, Geckos symbolize renewal, rebirth, and a fresh start. It’s been 4 years since ‘Shiela’ left, and after 4 years, he finally moved on. The song entices us about the meaning of happy in the ‘Happy ending.’ Which counterpart the words ‘sawakas’ and ‘wakas’ at the latter part of M/V.”

As the music video gains momentum, fans continue to shower Lola Amour with admiration, declaring, “This song is immortal; it will never die. It’s a masterpiece!”

Lola Amour’s release of the “Raining in Manila” music video marks a significant moment in their artistic journey. With its profound lyrics and captivating visuals, the music video is poised to resonate with audiences across the globe and further solidify the band’s status as a force in the OPM rock scene.

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