José Antonio Calle, Mister International 2023, scheduled to make a comeback to the Philippines

Jose Antonio Calle, the reigning Mister International 2023, is set to travel to the Philippines to oversee the organization’s charitable initiatives, which involve conducting school tours to distribute supplies and deliver an inspiring talk.

“I would love to see their smiling faces as Filipinos always smile and are warm. And, of course — I am also looking forward to having Filipino food,” Calle said.

The pageant winner’s advocacy, with the hashtag #InternationalImpact, is to provide talks and workshops for the younger generation seeking purpose and mission in life.

“My plans for this year are to enjoy the title by traveling around the world and doing workshops and talks that will inspire the next generation. I hope to convey the importance of education and having confidence and resilience,” Calle shared.

First joining the pageant scene in 2017 boosted his confidence and allowed him to believe in the possibility of achieving his goals.

Calle revealed his deep connection to his faith and shared details about his upbringing and education. He also shared wellness tips and emphasized the value of self-care.

Dedicating his life to service as a military officer in Spain and an international title holder, Calle has high hopes for 2024.

“I wish my family a lot of love and good health, and hopefully, we will meet all our 2024 girls. Through this Mister International crown, I hope to meet more people from different countries that will feed my soul,” Calle said smilingly.

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