Kristen Stewart stars in ‘Spencer’, now available for streaming on Lionsgate Play PH, showcasing the turbulent journey of Princess Diana.

“Princess Diana’s Troubled World Depicted in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer, Now Streaming on Lionsgate Play”

Pablo Larraín’s film Spencer offers a haunting portrayal of Princess Diana’s inner struggles, now available for streaming on Lionsgate Play. Set during the 1991 Christmas holidays at the Sandringham estate, the film delves into Diana’s tumultuous mindset as her marriage to Prince Charles crumbles in the midst of his extramarital affair.

Larraín’s biopic is described as “a fable from a true tragedy,” blending truth with fiction to bring to life the poignant story of Diana. In an interview, Larraín discusses how the film explores Diana’s dark mindset, offering an intimate and personal perspective on her struggles and identity.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart, who portrays Princess Diana in the film, shares her daunting experience of approaching the role. She emphasizes the importance of portraying Diana’s relationship with her sons as genuine and filled with love, as well as capturing Diana’s cool and infectious nature.

Larraín praises Stewart’s performance, which has garnered her Best Actress nominations at the 2022 Golden Globes and Academy Awards, noting how she embodies Diana’s fragility and relatability.

Audiences can now experience Stewart’s compelling performance as Princess Diana in Spencer, now exclusively available for streaming on Lionsgate Play from Dec. 15 onwards.

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