Christmas Single ‘Maligaya ang Pasko’ Released by P-pop Groups YGIG and PLUUS

P-pop groups YGIG and PLUSS have joined forces for the first time, united by their release of the Christmas single, ‘Maligaya ang Pasko.’ The collaboration was made possible through the efforts of SBTown and Universal Records Philippines, much to the excitement of fans. The holiday release coincides with YGIG’s first debut anniversary and PLUUS’ recent love song debut.

The single, titled ‘Maligaya ang Pasko,’ which translates to ‘Merry Christmas,’ tells the story of a man’s attempts to win the heart of a woman and spend the holiday together, only to face a dramatic rejection.

This collaboration comes on the heels of YGIG’s “YLGOIVGE” album release and PLUUS’ two recent singles, “Missing You” and “Shining Star.” Both groups have been actively engaged in joint local mall tours, TV appearances, and magazine features.

Additionally, the groups have successfully represented the Philippines at the Jeonju Music Festival 2023 in South Korea last August, gaining further international recognition.

“Maligaya Ang Pasko” is the sixth officially released song for the YGIG and PLUUS, who have been actively promoting through joint local mall tours, TV appearances, and magazine features. The song aims to bring warmth and joy during the holiday season to all their fans and P-pop enthusiasts.

This Christmas release caps off an eventful year for both groups, as YGIG launched songs like “Shaba-Shaba,” “Doob Doob,” “Touchdown,” “BB (Beautiful Boy),” and “IDKY,” while PLUUS hit the airwaves with “My Time,” “Cross My Heart,” “Amigo,” “Missing You,” and “Shining Star.”

YGIG, which stands for You Go I Go, consists of six members: Alexei, Hazelyn, Jewel, JM, Maeg, and Vien. Meanwhile, PLUUS, which is derived from “Plus, Us,” includes JL, Justin, Haro, Gab, Theo, and Yen.

The official music video for “Maligaya Ang Pasko” has also been released alongside the single, offering fans an immersive visual experience to complement the song.

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