Ebe Dancel commemorates 20 years since the release of Sugarfree’s influential second album ‘Dramamachine’


It has been two decades since the release of Sugarfree’s iconic album “Dramachine,” and now Ebe Dancel, the band’s chief songwriter, is taking fans on a trip down memory lane with a special concert commemorating the album’s 20th anniversary.

The album, which featured painfully honest songs capturing the sentiments and emotions of a generation, propelled Sugarfree to the top of the local music scene. Now, as an accomplished solo artist, Dancel will be performing the album in its entirety at the 123 Block Mandaluyong on Jan. 26.

The concert will feature an impressive lineup of Dancel’s hits and favorites, including standout singles like “Prom,” “Hari Ng Sablay,” and fan favorites like “Kwentuhan,” “Kandila,” and “Tulog Na.” Dancel will be joined by an impressive cast of musicians, including former Sugarfree drummer Mitch Singson. The evening will be opened by Jam Quijano.

Reflecting on the impact of the album, Dancel humbly states, “I never thought of the songs as arena songs or anthems – I just made sure I could sing along to it.” He also recalls the creative process for “Dramachine,” remembering the studio recording sessions amid a whirlwind tour schedule.

Tickets for the show are now available online, with regular tickets priced at PHP 1,200.00 and special tickets, which include the vinyl and official merchandise, available at PHP 3,300+. Dancel promises a celebration of the album that introduced Sugarfree to the entire country, urging fans to come for the songs and the memories.

“It’s a celebration of the album that introduced us to the whole country. Come for the songs and the memories – eat, drink, and sing-along; throughout the years, the fans keep me in the industry… This show will also kick off my 25th year in the business: I am eternally grateful that there are many reasons for all of us to celebrate,” says Dancel.

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