Rico Blanco’s Journey through Love and Other Fascinations

Rico Blanco’s Comeback and Other Music News

Rico Blanco is back in a big way, with the release of his new single “Sayong sayo (Papel, Gunting, Bato).” The rock star’s newly released single suggests that he is head over heels in love. Blanco expressed that the chorus hook came to him first, and he immediately felt it would be a fun song to play live or at a party, describing it as a “fun party song.”

The new single bears similarities to an old Rivermaya song, “Hinahanap-hanap Kita,” in terms of its catchiness, showcasing Blanco at his best. The track was recorded with Angee Rozul and features Zild Benitez on bass and Tim Marquez on drums. Blanco’s upcoming reunion concert with Rivermaya and his recognition as this year’s Awit Awards Dangal Ng Musikang Pilipino recipient indicates that he is very much back and in the spotlight.

In other music news, Sam Benwick released an upbeat, modern pop song titled “Kayang Kaya,” showcasing her songwriting and singing skills. Actress-singer Aubrey Caraan has also made waves as the first OPM artist to sing a Marion Aunor co-written collab-song with Korean songwriter Yoon Seung Hwan and Lee Ju Yuon via the lovely sounding ballad “Just Say Goodbye.”

Meanwhile, ALAMAT has released their second album, “Isapuso,” showcasing their growth as music artists. The album features a variety of genres, highlighting the group’s experimentation and expansion of their sonic coverage.

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