SF9 Star Rowoon Apologizes to Fans for Leaving to Pursue Netflix K-drama ‘Destined With You’

Korean actor and idol Rowoon, well-known for his role in the drama “Destined With You,” has issued an apology to his fans following his departure from the boy band SF9, which he had been a part of since its debut in 2016.

On September 18, FNC Entertainment, the agency representing SF9, announced Rowoon’s departure from the group. SF9 will continue to promote with eight members.

In a statement released by SBS News, the agency said, “The members of SF9 renewed their contract with us, however, the group will resume as an eight-member group without Rowoon from now on. Rowoon will be focusing on carrying out his individual schedules as well as building his acting career. Please continue to give them your support even though they’re heading in different directions.”

Following the official announcement, Rowoon uploaded a handwritten letter in which he expressed his sincere apologies to his fans for his attitude.

“It took me some time to start writing this letter, as I didn’t know how to begin. In fact, I’m a little scared to write to you since it’s been a long time,” Rowoon shared in his letter.

He went on to address the frustration he felt over the years, as he was unable to clarify misunderstandings that arose regardless of their size or significance. Despite this, Rowoon remained hopeful that people would eventually realize his true intentions.

“As I gained popularity, I also faced a significant amount of hate. I understand that the more attention I received, the more hate I would attract as well, but… I guess I was a bit of a coward. Instead of confronting those people and clarifying their misconceptions, there were many days when I hid from everyone,” Rowoon admitted.

The actor-turned-idol sincerely apologized for seeking an easier way to live life and acknowledged how his actions may have disappointed fans who saw a difference in his character.

“I would like to offer my sincere apology to my dear fans who may have been hurt due to my attitude, the attitude of attempting to live life an easier way. I’m sure some of you were also disappointed when you felt like I had changed. I apologize from the bottom of my heart,” he expressed.

Looking ahead, Rowoon announced his plans to embark on a new journey at the age of 27 and assured fans of his commitment to leading a responsible life.

“I’m 27, and I intend to begin something new. Keep a close eye on me and make sure this 27-year-old leads a responsible life. I promise you that I’ll be the same guy that you remember. Thank you again,” Rowoon affirmed.

Rowoon gained popularity as an actor, appearing in various dramas, including his recent role in “The King’s Affection” alongside Park Eun-bin. Despite his departure from SF9, fans can anticipate witnessing Rowoon’s growth in his acting career and continue to support his individual endeavors.

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