Special Stockholders’ Meeting for 2023 to be held by Shell Pilipinas Corporation

Shell Pilipinas Corporation has announced that it will be convening a special meeting of stockholders on November 21, 2023. The meeting will take place virtually at 2:00 PM and will be conducted through the Shell Operated Webcast platform.

The announcement, originally published in the Manila Bulletin broadsheet, outlines the details of the upcoming meeting and its virtual format. This decision to hold a virtual meeting is likely a response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has necessitated the implementation of digital solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of participants.

Shareholders of Shell Pilipinas Corporation are urged to take note of the meeting’s date, time, and platform to ensure their active participation. By embracing technology, the company aims to maintain transparency and uphold its commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment for shareholders to express their valuable insights and perspectives.

Caption: Official Announcement published in the Manila Bulletin broadsheet regarding the special meeting of stockholders. [Image: 102823_Pilipinas_Shell_ASM_1_706fba6b2c.jpg]

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