PrimeWater and BCWD inaugurate Batangas City’s inaugural septage treatment facility

Batangas City, Philippines – PrimeWater, in collaboration with the Batangas City Water District (BCWD), has introduced the city’s first Septage Treatment Plant (STP) as part of its efforts to improve public health and environmental sustainability. This innovative facility is designed to efficiently manage wastewater and aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainable water resource management.

The newly inaugurated STP aims to provide reliable septic tank desludging services, ultimately contributing to the protection of water source quality in the areas it serves. It is compliant with the Philippine Clean Water Act of 2004, also known as RA 9275, which mandates the implementation of a septage management system to enhance water quality and uphold public health standards in communities.

Located in Barangay San Jose Sico, the STP will treat 80 cubic meters per day (CMD) of wastewater collected from approximately 45,000 households and commercial areas, as inaugurated by PrimeWater and BCWD. This initiative also enables consumers to comply with local and national regulations regarding septage management.

Architect Vergel Angelo Paule, Sanitation and Wastewater Department Head of PrimeWater Infrastructure Corp, emphasized, “With our wastewater treatment infrastructure, we can facilitate the proper treatment of wastewater collected from septic tanks before its responsible disposal into our waterways. This commitment highlights our dedication to protecting the quality of our water sources and prioritizing environmental sustainability.”

The septage management program is particularly important as a 2023 World Health Organization (WHO) report stated that contaminated water and poor sanitation contribute to the transmission of diseases such as diarrhea and hepatitis. By implementing this program, potential threats linked to untreated wastewater can be mitigated, thereby safeguarding the environment and ensuring public health standards.

The STP encompasses the septage acceptance and dewatering area, filtrate treatment tanks and disinfection area, and other auxiliary buildings to ensure efficient wastewater management. Paule concluded, “Our septage treatment facility will not only provide consumers with desludging services, relieving them from the challenges of septic overflow but will also contribute significantly to building healthier and more sustainable communities.”

PrimeWater and BCWD’s launch of the STP represents a crucial step in enhancing public health and environmental sustainability in Batangas City, Philippines.

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