Sharon Cuneta expresses desire for Alden Richards to be her son

Sharon Cuneta and Alden Richards, two of the biggest stars in the Philippine entertainment industry, recently shared their emotional experiences on the set of their upcoming movie, “Family of Two: A Mother And Son Story.” The film is a joint production by Cineko Productions.

During the movie’s media conference at Novotel Manila last Sunday, Alden Richards, who was set to play opposite Sharon Cuneta, revealed that he felt a maternal bond with his screen mom. He also opened up about his sadness in missing his real mother, who passed away. The emotional atmosphere of the movie allowed him to relive happy moments with his mother. Alden also expressed gratefulness for the shared experience, and admitted that working on the film had been a dream come true.

On the other hand, Sharon Cuneta revealed that while working on the project, she found that she and Alden had many similarities and clicked with each both on and off-camera. The film would be one of her simpler works compared to other projects she has worked on, with a message that simple films can have a significant impact on audiences.

Both actors also shared their holiday plans, with Sharon stating that she planned on spending Christmas in a simple manner with her family. Alden, on the other hand, stated that he would go on vacation for two weeks to the US after the MMFF season.

The movie, “Family of Two: A Mother And Son Story,” is directed by Nuel Naval, who will be working along Mel Mendoza del Rosario, the film’s writer. Their previous collaboration, “Family Matters,” had won numerous awards. This upcoming movie is being anticipated as a heartwarming family film.

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