What’s Going on with Jimmy Santos after Eat Bulaga?

Former “Eat Bulaga” host Jimmy Santos has been making headlines after a recent appearance on the show “E.A.T.” where he surprised his former co-host Joey De Leon. This unexpected appearance has sparked curiosity about his return to the showbiz scene.

Santos, known for his iconic catchphrase “I love you three times a day,” was warmly welcomed by the hosts of “E.A.T.” as he made a surprise appearance on the show. His emotional reunion with Joey De Leon and the other hosts left fans wondering if Santos is making a comeback to television.

The actor-comedian, who has been residing in Canada, has been keeping fans updated through his YouTube channel “Jimmy Saints,” where he has garnered a following of 700,000 subscribers as of November 16. In one of his viral vlogs, Santos was seen collecting bottles for recycling and turning them into cash at a local depot in Calgary, Canada. He received 15 Canadian dollars from recycling empty soda cans and bottles.

Santos, who began his career as a professional basketball player and then transitioned into comedy and acting, has had a successful and enduring career in the Philippine entertainment industry. From starring in iconic films to becoming a staple name on “Eat Bulaga,” Santos has been a beloved figure in Filipino entertainment.

His recent appearance on “E.A.T.” has reignited interest in his career and has left fans eagerly anticipating what’s next for the seasoned actor-comedian.

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