Padilla apologizes to Senate officials for controversy surrounding wife’s vitamin C drip situation

Senator Padilla Apologizes to Senate Officials Over Wife’s Vitamin C Drip Incident

Manila, Philippines — Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla has issued an apology to officials of the Senate after an incident involving his wife, actress Mariel Padilla, occurred inside his office.

The actress faced criticism after posting a photo on social media last week showing her receiving an intravenous treatment in her husband’s Senate office.

In a letter addressed to Senate sergeant-at-arms retired Lt. Gen. Roberto T. Ancan, Sen. Padilla expressed his regret over the events that transpired on February 19, 2024, regarding the administration of a Vitamin C Intravenous Drip to his spouse within the Senate premises.

“I would never think of violating the Senate’s security protocols, much less disrespecting our institution,” Padilla emphasized in his letter.

Assuring that such an incident will not recur, Padilla also sent a separate letter to Dr. Renato DG Sison, the director of the Senate’s Medical and Dental Bureau, stressing that his wife had no intention of disregarding the Bureau’s existing policies.

Initially downplaying the incident that he believed had turned into a political issue, Padilla stated, “Nakakatawa naman po ang political issue na yan,” in a text message to reporters.

He also added, “If they saw something bad in that photograph, I apologize. No intention of disrespect. My wife loves to promote good looks and good health.”

The actress herself had previously apologized to the Senate for bringing the IV drip inside the Senate premises.

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