Two family-friendly movies

“Films “Firefly” and “A Family of Two” gaining traction at MMFF”

Two films, “Firefly” and “A Family of Two,” are making headlines at the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) this year. After private screenings, “Firefly” has been given additional theaters due to its potential at the box office, while “A Family of Two” is generating significant buzz with the collaboration of Sharon Cuneta and Alden Richards.

Directed by Zig Dulay, “Firefly” is an inspirational drama with a magical realism theme, depicting the journey of a young boy in search of a mythical island. The film features Alessandra de Rossi, Miguel Tanfelix, and other notable actors, and is lauded for its moving narrative and stunning cinematography.

On the other hand, “A Family of Two” stars Sharon Cuneta and Alden Richards in a light comedy-drama that has attracted substantial attention from fans, with long lines forming at cineplexes for the chance to see the megastar and the popular young actor on screen together.

Both films are set to be prominent features in this year’s MMFF, with “A Family of Two” following in the footsteps of Alden Richards’ previous box office successes, and “Firefly” receiving recognition for its touching story and excellent production quality. Catch these must-see films in theaters and experience their powerful storytelling firsthand.

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