Macron convenes religious leaders to address anti-Semitism

President Macron Hosts Religious Leaders to Discuss Combatting Anti-Semitism

President Emmanuel Macron of France hosted a meeting on Monday with religious leaders to discuss efforts to combat anti-Semitism in the country. The meeting came after a weekend rally in Paris drew tens of thousands of people to express concerns about the rise in acts against Jews.

The discussions were held amid growing tensions in France related to the conflict between Hamas and Israel, and aimed to address the educational efforts needed to counter anti-Semitic sentiments, especially among young people.

“This meeting is a continuation of the appeal for national unity and brotherhood,” said Macron’s office ahead of the discussions.

The meeting included leaders representing various religious groups, including the Orthodox church, Buddhism, and Protestantism. The participants sought to address the recent upsurge in anti-Semitic acts. The meeting also focused on the need for unity and brotherhood in response to growing tensions related to the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The evolution of this meeting aligns with Macron’s recent comments urging people to rally around France’s values and universalism.

The discussions also come shortly after Macron was criticized for his comments about Israel’s bombing campaign in Gaza and his decision not to attend Sunday’s anti-Semitism march in Paris.

The French leader’s office said late Sunday that he had spoken with Israeli President Isaac Herzog by phone in an apparent bid to calm the waters.

The discussions are part of an ongoing effort by the French government and religious leaders to address the rise of anti-Semitism and promote national unity and brotherhood in the country.

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