Carla Abellana and Arci Muñoz open up about their struggles with credit card debt

Actresses Carla Abellana and Arci Muñoz recently made headlines after sharing separate incidents involving their credit cards. Carla expressed frustration on social media after discovering a charge of $11,087.33 on her BDO Mastercard. She shared her hopelessness in subsequent posts, expressing her dismay and concern about how she would pay off the amount.

On the other hand, Arci Muñoz took to TikTok to recount a scary experience she had while flying home to the Philippines from Japan. She suspected that a man may have stolen her credit card after noticing him lingering near her personal cubicle on the plane. Despite initially dismissing her concerns, Arci later realized that one of her credit cards was missing. She later found out that her card had been used in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, and Jakarta, prompting her to warn others about the dangers of theft, even on an airplane.

Both actresses’ experiences have left them and their fans shaken and serve as a timely reminder to always be vigilant and mindful of personal belongings, even in seemingly safe spaces.

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