Korea Enforces Travel Ban on Big Bang’s G-Dragon and ‘Parasite’ Star Lee Sun-kyun

Title: K-Pop Star G-Dragon and Actor Lee Sun-kyun Banned from Leaving South Korea amidst Drug Use Investigation

K-pop sensation G-Dragon, also known as Kwon Ji-yong, and popular Korean actor Lee Sun-kyun have been hit with a travel ban by the Ministry of Justice in South Korea. This comes as authorities broaden their investigation into the alleged drug usage by the two celebrities.

Both G-Dragon and Lee Sun-kyun have been booked by police on suspicions of using illegal drugs. While the nature of the drugs has not been specified, it is believed that Lee Sun-kyun is under suspicion for marijuana and psychotropic drug use. According to reports from Korean media, both stars will undergo drug tests to determine their involvement.

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency confirmed the travel ban after the Ministry of Justice’s decision was made. The ban restricts G-Dragon and Lee Sun-kyun from leaving the country until further notice.

In response to the allegations, G-Dragon released a statement through his law firm on October 27, vehemently denying any involvement in illegal drug use. He stated, “I have never taken drugs… I have nothing to do with the news reports about the ‘violation of the Narcotics Control Act’.” Despite his denial, G-Dragon expressed his willingness to cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

This is not the first time G-Dragon has faced drug-related accusations. In 2011, he was accused of smoking marijuana while in Japan. At the time, his management company, YG Entertainment, claimed that he had unknowingly smoked a cigarette that was laced with marijuana. G-Dragon initially tested negative for drugs in a urine test, but later tested positive in a hair drug test. However, prosecutors decided not to press charges due to the small amount found in his body.

The investigation into the alleged drug use by G-Dragon and Lee Sun-kyun is expected to continue, with authorities determined to uncover the truth behind the accusations. As more details emerge, the public will be eagerly waiting to see how this situation develops.

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