Vilma proves her professionalism through illness and adversity

Vilma Santos-Recto Promotes New Movie Despite Health Struggles

Star for all seasons, Ms. Vilma Santos, has gone the extra mile to promote her new movie, “When I Met You in Tokyo,” despite facing health issues. The movie is an entry to the 49th Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

Vilma and her leading man, Christopher De Leon, made numerous appearances on various TV shows to promote the film. However, the veteran actress was unable to attend the movie’s grand media conference and the subsequent parade of stars due to stress-related health issues. She did participate in the media conference via Zoom.

High blood pressure and a case of bad colds prevented Vilma from fulfilling some of her commitments. However, her professionalism throughout the ordeal has earned her the respect of her producers and co-workers.

Vilma and Christopher have a longstanding screen partnership and “When I Met You in Tokyo” reunites them after a long absence. Despite the challenges, Vilma made her presence felt at the Parade of Stars on December 16 through an audio message that was played throughout the event.

The movie, which is a poignant love story set in Tokyo, highlights the enduring chemistry between Vilma and Christopher. It is the inaugural offering of JG Productions, headed by Weng Jamaji and Rajan Gidwani.

Supervising producer Redgie Acuña-Magno revealed that Christopher is credited as one of the movie’s creative directors, while Vilma contributed to its narrative. Most of the movie was shot in Japan.

“When I Met You in Tokyo” is set to open on December 25th.

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