Armi Millare releases solo single ‘Roots’

Former keyboardist and lead vocalist of local alt-pop heroes Up Dharma Down, Armi Millare, has released her highly-anticipated solo single entitled “Roots.” The track demonstrates Millare’s signature chilled rhythms, introspective lyrics, and exceptional melodic talent.

During her absence from the music scene, Millare reflected on her personal growth, stating, “I felt that things were in transition within me, not fully comprehending the magnitude or the destination.” The message behind “Roots” reflects her journey, as she explains, “‘Roots’ felt like something I would hear from my older self, guiding me on how we arrived here… I pondered on that a lot – and it’s crucial for me to be reminded that it has always been a belief in tradition and the allure of pure mystery that has guided me.”

Adding to the allure of the single, the mellow mid-tempo track showcases a neo-soul influence. Collaborating with co-producers Jonny Sjo and Kim Ofstad, known for their work with Norwegian neo-soul group D’Sound, and producer Bernt Rune Stray, who also serves as the live guitarist and keyboardist of D’Sound, were instrumental in shaping the sound of “Roots.” Millare expresses her gratitude for the collaboration, sharing, “I thoroughly enjoyed working with them – co-producing the song with Jonny, Kim, and Bernt was an experience I’m grateful for – we’ve built a strong working relationship over the years. I’ve always said that a substantial part of my musicality is influenced by what they’ve created – so this is simply putting it into practice, having developed this musical language together; I’ve learned a lot by stepping out of my comfort zone with them.”

Fans can rejoice as Millare takes her position once again behind her trusted keyboard, assuming lead vocal duties on “Roots.” This release marks just the beginning of her solo journey, as she reveals that her debut album, titled “South Node,” is already in the works and scheduled for an early release next year. When asked about her plans, Millare humbly states, “I just want to keep doing what any musician would do: perform, learn some more, rinse and repeat… Sometimes, I let the plan unfold naturally and see if it fits. I’ll continue to work and explore what could be enjoyable for everyone.”

With the release of “Roots,” Armi Millare proves that her musical talent knows no bounds as she embarks on this exciting new chapter in her career. Fans eagerly anticipate the arrival of her debut solo album and the stunning music it is sure to deliver.

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