Ina Raymundo’s Son Jakob is Ready for Showbiz, but Baseball Remains his Main Focus

Actress Ina Raymundo shared that her son Jakob Poturnak is considering a career in showbiz. During a recent press conference for her film “X&Y,” Ina mentioned that Jakob has a friendly and accommodating personality, which could be well-suited for the entertainment industry.

Despite Jakob’s potential in showbiz, Ina pointed out that his main focus right now is playing baseball. She expressed that he is currently in the US, honing his skills and passion for the sport. According to Ina, Jakob is fully dedicated to baseball and has no distractions like a girlfriend.

In the movie “X&Y,” Ina stars alongside Kapuso actor Will Ashley in a film directed by Adolf Alix Jr. The story follows Ysha (Ina) and Xander (Will) as they embark on a journey together, dealing with their own personal struggles and past mistakes.

Aside from Ina and Will, the film also features renowned actors like Elizabeth Oropesa, Bembol Rocco, Rico Barrera, and Bugoy Carino. “X&Y” is set to premiere in theaters on April 17.

In a related development, Ina Raymundo recently mentioned that actor Donny Pangilinan reminds her of her son Jakob, whom she affectionately calls “sonshine.”

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