At 54, Maricel Laxa Triumphs in Boston Marathon

Maricel Laxa Conquers Boston Marathon, Becomes Six Star Marathon Finisher

Maricel Laxa, a well-known celebrity mom, recently achieved a remarkable feat by completing the Boston Marathon at the age of 54. This accomplishment marks her completion of all six World Marathon Majors, earning her the prestigious Six Star Medal.

Laxa participated in the Boston race alongside her daughter, vlogger Hannah Pangilinan, who shared their journey on her Instagram page. In a post, Hannah expressed her joy and pride in the achievement, calling it a memorable moment shared with her mother.

In response, Laxa credited her daughter for being her source of courage and motivation throughout the race. She expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the support she received from her daughter.

Laxa’s husband, Anthony Pangilinan, also took to Instagram to celebrate his wife’s achievement, highlighting her dedication and determination in completing all six World Marathon Majors. He commended both Laxa and their daughter for their impressive performance in the race.

Fellow celebrities joined in to praise Laxa and Pangilinan for their inspiring accomplishment. With four more children, namely Ella, Donny, Benjamin, and Solana, the family continues to inspire others with their perseverance and dedication to fitness and wellness.

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