Esther Lahbati reveals that Sarah and Richard Gutierrez are now successfully co-parenting.

Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez’s Marriage Status Becomes Talk of the Town

The recent social media activities of the respective mothers of Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez have stirred up discussions about the couple’s marriage. Sarah’s mom Esther dropped a bombshell online, revealing that Sarah and Richard have agreed to “co-parent” their children, Zion and Kai. Esther also mentioned that the kids spent Christmas with their mom and not with the Gutierrez family.

This contradicts Richard’s mom Anabelle’s earlier statement that the entire family, including his children, would be flying to Japan for the holidays. Anabelle hinted at a discrepancy in the family, stating, “Sama-sama buong pamilya ko… minus one lang,” leading many to believe she was referring to Sarah.

When asked about Sarah, Anabelle admitted to not communicating with her, further fueling speculation about the state of Sarah and Richard’s relationship. Although she didn’t confirm or deny the rumors, Anabelle revealed that her son has been living with her for some time but is planning to move to Alabang after Christmas.

Esther took to social media to express her support for Sarah, asserting her readiness to stand up for her daughter. This is not the first time the two mothers have clashed, with Esther previously expressing hurt over Anabelle’s behavior at Zion’s first birthday party in 2014. The feud appeared to have been resolved a year later when the two exchanged gifts on Christmas.

The public is now left wondering about the true state of Sarah and Richard’s marriage and the ongoing drama between the two mothers.

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