Emotions run high as Elle Villanueva reacts to unexpected haircut during ‘Makiling’ series shoot caused by Myrtle Sarrosa

Accidental Haircut During Violent Scene in ‘Makiling’ Leaves Co-Actors Emotional

Myrtle Sarrosa shared a behind-the-scenes incident during the filming of the upcoming Kapuso revenge series “Makiling”, which is set to premiere on Monday, Jan. 8. The actress revealed that she accidentally cut co-actor Elle Villanueva’s hair during a violent scene.

The revelation came during a media conference at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City, where Myrtle admitted feeling emotional and guilty upon realizing the unintended haircut.

“I make sure that my co-actors don’t get hurt, especially when the characters demand or require it. Sometimes we are given scenes that cannot be faked, like slapping or hair pulling. But sometimes we slip and accidentally get hurt,” said Myrtle.

Unintentionally, I even cut her real hair. After that, Elle and I really cried. I know how important her hair is, but I accidentally cut it. Her hair extensions were also affected,” Myrtle added.

Elle, on the other hand, shared that she cried upon seeing the actual hair that was cut during the scene. “When it happened, that was the day when we were filming a heavy scene. My emotions were very heightened,” Elle shared.

The incident prompted Elle to have a meeting with the production team to express her concerns, and she was appreciative of their understanding.

“Even though we had some misunderstandings on set, we still have concern for each other,” Elle added.

The series, headlined by Elle Villanueva and Derrick Monasterio, tells the story of a provincial woman who goes through unspeakable suffering and adversities and returns transformed to claim the justice and revenge she believes she deserves.

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