A soldier, his girlfriend, and father injured in a physical altercation

Soldier, girlfriend, and father injured in melee in Bacolod City

On Thursday, January 4, a soldier, his girlfriend, and her father were injured in a commotion in Barangay Handumanan, Bacolod City.

The victims were identified as Corporal Jasper Gancia, 34, from Barangay Bata; his girlfriend Merryll Tuvilla, 24; and Tuvilla’s father, Teodoro, 71, both residents of Barangay Handumanan.

According to Police Capt. Lelanie Lagoting, head of Police Station 10, the incident occurred when Teodoro stepped out of his birthday party to buy cigarettes and got into a heated argument with three bystanders. Gancia, who was on leave from his post in Marawi City, attempted to pacify the situation, but it soon escalated into a commotion.

During the altercation, Gancia’s service firearm became involved, resulting in gunfire and injuries to all three individuals. Police recovered 11 fired cartridges and a live ammunition from an unknown firearm at the crime scene.

Gancia is currently recovering in a private hospital, while the Tuvillas have been discharged. Lagoting stated that a ballistic examination and paraffin test will be conducted to determine whether Gancia’s gun was used in the incident and whether he fired any shots.

The incident is under investigation by local authorities to determine the exact sequence of events and those responsible for the injuries sustained.

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