The Lessons Gelli, Sherilyn, and Patricia are Discovering as Public Service Program Hosts

New Public Service Program Launches on GMA 7 Featuring Gelli de Belen, Sherilyn Reyes-Tan, and Patricia Tumulak

A new public service program has hit the airwaves on GMA 7, featuring popular TV personalities Gelli de Belen, Sherilyn Reyes-Tan, and Patricia Tumulak. The show, titled “Si Manoy ang Ninong Ko,” aims to tackle various social issues and provide assistance to those in need.

During a recent press conference to launch the show, de Belen shared some insights on the importance of self-reliance. “We can’t leave it to the government to make our lives easier. We have to help ourselves,” she emphasized. The actress-host also expressed a desire to make it easier for job seekers to secure necessary documents without spending too much money.

Joining de Belen on the show are Reyes-Tan and Tumulak, who each bring their own experiences and perspectives to the program. Businessman and Agri party list Rep. Wilbert Lee, known as Manoy, is also part of the hosting team.

Reyes-Tan, who recently returned from a trip to Guimaras for the show, described her experiences as a “beautiful journey.” She recounted touching encounters with individuals facing various challenges, highlighting the importance of empathy and gratitude.

For Tumulak, a former preschool teacher, the show provided an eye-opening experience as she visited remote communities and witnessed firsthand the struggles of students in pursuit of education. The stories shared on the program left a profound impact on her as an educator.

De Belen, who faces challenges in the studio while working on the show, emphasized the importance of providing sustainable solutions to the issues addressed on the program. The team aims not only to provide aid but also to empower communities to thrive on their own.

“Si Manoy ang Ninong Ko” has already aired several episodes, addressing issues such as the challenges faced by onion farmers in Pangasinan and the efforts of sea guardians in Orani, Bataan. The show airs on GMA 7 every Sunday at 7 a.m., offering viewers a glimpse into the lives of those in need and the efforts being made to effect positive change.

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