Kyle and Seth maintain their strong Kapamilya bond

Kyle Echarri and Seth Fedelin Renew Contracts with ABS-CBN, Consider it Their Second Home

In an exciting turn of events, young Kapamilya leading men Kyle Echarri and Seth Fedelin have officially renewed their contracts with ABS-CBN, solidifying their ties with the company they fondly refer to as their second home.

During the contract signing event, Kyle expressed his understanding of the deeper meaning behind being a ‘solid Kapamilya’ after spending eight years in the entertainment industry. He acknowledged the challenges and negativity in the world but emphasized the importance of being an inspiration, spreading happiness, and reminding people that there is still joy to be found. “That, for me, is how to be a solid Kapamilya,” the young actor shared.

Notably, Kyle dedicated this significant career milestone to his late young sister, Bella, who tragically passed away last April. With a heartfelt message, he expressed, “I just want to leave a message for my sister who is up there. ‘Ta, we made it. We are here. It’s been a while. I know you are watching over me in everything I do. I know you are also part of this whole journey of mine.”

On the other hand, Seth reflected on his humble beginnings during the contract renewal ceremony. He fondly recalled being a simple boy, lining up for auditions, and being given an opportunity to make his dreams come true by the people who believed in him. “I had endured countless challenges, and at times I thought I would remain the same. But I didn’t let that happen. I worked hard, studied what I wanted to be, and up until now, I continue to learn,” the “Fractured” star shared.

Seth also highlighted the warmth and familial atmosphere he experiences as a Kapamilya, stating, “This is work, but people don’t realize that it feels like home here.”

To catch a glimpse of what’s next for Kyle and Seth in their new chapter as Kapamilyas, viewers can watch their network contract signing on Star Magic’s YouTube channel. It promises to be an exciting and inspiring look into their future endeavors.

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