‘The Best Moment of My Life Happened Six Years Ago Today’

Lee O’Brian, actor and partner of Filipina comedienne Pokwang, shared a heartfelt message for his daughter Malia on her 6th birthday today, January 16. Despite being in the US, Lee took to social media to greet his daughter and express his love for her.

In an Instagram post, Lee shared several photos of Malia and wrote a touching birthday message for her. He expressed his love for his daughter, wishing her the best in life and sending her blessings and happiness. Lee also reminisced about the day Malia was born, describing it as the best moment of his life, and expressed his pride in her.

The post garnered attention from netizens who were touched by Lee’s gesture. Despite being ordered deported by Philippine authorities in December for violating his work visa, Lee’s message to his daughter received positive comments from fans and followers.

Some comments praised Lee for being a good dad and wished Malia a happy birthday. Others also suggested that Lee should take custody of Malia and raise her in the US. Meanwhile, some fans also voiced their support for Pokwang, acknowledging that while Lee may not have been a good partner to her, he can still be a good father to their daughter.

The public display of affection from Lee towards his daughter highlights the emotional and complicated dynamics of their family, resonating with many who have experienced similar situations. Despite the distance, Lee’s message affirms the enduring love and connection between a father and his child, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

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