Side A Cement Their Legacy by Winning Awit’s Best Ballad for ‘Clueless’

Side A’s Latest Triumph at the Awit Awards

The iconic band Side A continues to be a powerful presence in the Philippine music scene, as evidenced by their recent success at the Awit Awards.

The band took home the Best Ballad Recording award for their digital single “Clueless,” which was released in November of 2022 under Icons Music, a division of record label Widescope Entertainment. The song, written by the band’s bassist Ned Esguerra, showcases Side A’s enduring talent and relevance.

In addition to their Best Ballad Recording win, Side A was also named a finalist for Best Performance by a Group Recording Artist, further cementing their impact in the industry.

This is not the first time that Side A has been recognized at the Awit Awards. In the past, the band has taken home multiple awards, including Best Performance by a Group and Best Jazz Performance with Vocals. Their song “Forevermore” is also hailed as the first Filipino-recorded EP to have sold more than 90,000 copies, and won the 1996 Awit Award for Best Performance by a Group and Song of the Year.

With Ned Esguerra also serving as the group’s chief songwriter, and the guidance of founding member Naldy Gonzalez and longtime drummer Ernie Severino, Side A continues to shine. Lead guitarist Leevon Cailao and lead singer Yubs Esperat complete the lineup, ensuring their continued success in the industry.

Widescope Entertainment, the record label behind Side A’s recent win, has also been making waves in the music industry. With artists like Ebe Dancel and Sitti under their wing, Widescope’s consecutive Best Ballad victories at the Awit Awards highlight their impact and contributions to the Philippine music scene.

Overall, Side A’s recent success at the Awit Awards serves as a testament to their enduring talent and influence in the industry, as well as the continued growth and success of the record label that supports them.

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