Jasmine Curtis-Smith shares her thoughts on her relationship with BF Jeff Ortega: I’ve finally found my ‘forever’

New Romance Drama Film “A Glimpse of Forever” Takes Matchmaking to Virtual Reality

Viva Films is set to release a new romance drama with sci-fi elements titled “A Glimpse of Forever” in cinemas on March 6. The film, written and directed by Jason Paul Laxamana, stars Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Jerome Ponce, and Diego Loyzaga.

The story follows Glenda, played by Jasmine, who turns to a virtual dating studio called ForeVR after becoming frustrated with her fiancé. Through Virtual Reality (VR), she is introduced to four virtual guys to date, ultimately choosing Kokoy, portrayed by Diego. As their relationship develops, Glenda discovers that Dante, played by Jerome, is the motion-capture actor providing real-time voice and movement for Kokoy. However, Dante is not allowed to reveal his identity to clients, leading to complications in their connection.

In a recent interview, Jasmine shared her personal thoughts on relationships, while Jason and Diego highlighted the themes of the film. According to the cast and crew, “A Glimpse of Forever” explores the idea that love transcends boundaries and challenges the impact of technology on human connections.

In a separate project, Vivamax released the GL film “Takas,” directed by Roman Perez Jr. and starring Audrey Avila, Mon Mendoza, and Cess Garcia. The film follows two women who run away to escape murder charges, leading to a romantic entanglement that tests their loyalties.

Director Roman Perez Jr. emphasized the importance of portraying LGBTQ+ relationships authentically in the film, while the cast members shared their experiences working on the project and the impact of their intimate scenes.

As audiences anticipate the release of these films, basketball fans are also gearing up to support Gilas Pilipinas in the upcoming Fiba Asia Cup Qualifiers 2025. After their success at the Asian Games 2023, the national team is back in top form as they prepare to face Chinese Taipei in an upcoming match.

The entertainment industry continues to offer diverse and engaging content for audiences to enjoy, with themes ranging from romance and drama to sports and LGBTQ+ representation. Stay tuned for more updates on these exciting film projects and sporting events.

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