‘Castaway Diva’ starring Park Eun-bin makes a debut on Netflix chart

Actress Park Eun-bin’s drama “Castaway Diva” becomes a top-watched show on Netflix

Korean actress Park Eun-bin has made a strong comeback with her drama “Castaway Diva.” The show debuted on Netflix’s Global Top 10, securing the ninth spot with 1.6 million views. The series, in which Park plays the role of Seo Mok-ha, an aspiring singer who is rescued from a deserted island, has been performing well in both South Korea and globally. Its success in South Korea was apparent as the show’s rating surged on tvN. The show’s first episode debuted at number #1 on cable TV with a 3.17 percent nationwide rating and continued to increase in ratings in subsequent episodes. Conversely in Netflix’s English TV list, “All the Light We Cannot See” reached the number one spot with 9.8 million views while “Locked In” sits atop the English films list with 17.8 million views. The non-English film “Wingwomen” secured an impressive 18.5 million views. The complete top 10 lists for TV and film were also released.

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