Sarah Geronimo expresses concerns and uncertainty about motherhood

Sarah Geronimo, a well-known actress and singer, recently opened up about her fears and doubts concerning becoming a mother. In a YouTube vlog with celebrity doctor Vicki Belo, Geronimo shared her excitement about having a child with her husband, actor Matteo Guidicelli, but also expressed hesitations about feeling equipped to be a mom.

During the interview, Belo asked about the timing of the baby’s arrival, to which Geronimo responded, “When the Lord blesses us with it.” She mentioned that she and Guidicelli are taking a relaxed approach and not undergoing any procedures to prevent or aid in pregnancy.

Geronimo admitted to having fears about motherhood, stating that one needs to be well-equipped to be a mother. She also acknowledged being a late bloomer and having doubts, but expressed readiness if it is truly the will of the Lord.

Aside from discussing motherhood, Geronimo revealed that she and Guidicelli are currently building their dream home and plan to move in within the year. The couple surprised fans with a secret wedding in February 2020.

Recently, Geronimo made history as the first Filipina to receive the Global Force Award at the Billboard Women in Music Awards. With her accomplishments in the entertainment industry and her candid revelations about motherhood, Geronimo continues to captivate audiences with her honesty and humility.

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