Helicopter makes emergency landing following entanglement with kite string

Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing After Entangling with Kite String in Bohol

A helicopter was forced to make an emergency landing on a vacant lot in Guindulman town, Bohol after getting entangled with a string of a kite on Thursday, March 7.

Fortunately, none of the two passengers and the pilot were hurt during the incident. Sitio Sta. Lucia, Barangay Trinidad in Guindulman, witnessed the unexpected landing, causing a stir among residents.

Eyewitness Andrew Bayhon Lacar, 48, described seeing the helicopter flying low before the emergency landing.

Police Master Sergeant Ronilo Olasiman confirmed the incident, stating that the helicopter safely landed after the entanglement with the kite string.

The pilot assessed the helicopter’s condition and determined that the nylon of the kite got caught by the top portion of the control propeller. Thankfully, no damage was done, and the helicopter was able to resume flying.

Residents took selfies with the helicopter before it took off again after 10 minutes. It remains unclear where the helicopter was headed.

The incident occurred during good weather brought by the summer season, which prompted children to fly kites in the area.

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