PCSO’s Facebook page deactivated temporarily due to ‘inappropriate activity’

PCSO temporarily shuts down official Facebook page due to “inappropriate activities”

The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) has taken the decision to temporarily shut down its official Facebook page after discovering “inappropriate activities” on Tuesday, Dec 5.

In a statement released, the PCSO announced that the official Facebook page had been “voluntarily and temporarily deactivated” due to the discovery of the said activities that require further scrutiny and investigation.

The PCSO assured the public that updates on its games and charitable activities will still be provided through its PCSO Games Online Hub Facebook page.

The decision to temporarily shut down the page was made to ensure the integrity and security of the content being shared with the public.

The PCSO has not provided any further details regarding the nature of the inappropriate activities, but has assured the public that it is taking the matter seriously and will conduct a thorough investigation.

It is unclear when the official Facebook page will be reactivated, but the PCSO has urged the public to follow its Games Online Hub page for updates in the meantime.

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