KathNiel takes over Google Search in the Philippines

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s Breakup Causes Spike in Google Searches

The recent announcement of the breakup between popular Filipino showbiz loveteam KathNiel—actors Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla—has caused a surge in searches on Google, with the pair dominating the search trends.

The couple shocked the world by officially announcing the end of their real-life relationship after spending 11 years together. Fans and netizens immediately took to Google Search to look up everything about Bernardo, Padilla, and the KathNiel love team, leading to a significant spike in searches.

Google Trends recorded the highest interest the pair has had in the last five years, with both fully dominating searches in the week of November 26. Padilla topped the trends with more than 200,000 searches on Bonifacio Day on November 30, far eclipsing Philippine hero Andres Bonifacio, who had only over 20,000 searches.

Interest in the KathNiel trend had been steadily climbing in the past few weeks, starting after talent manager Ogie Diaz teased the couple’s possible split early in November.

Compared to other popular Filipino love teams like “JaDine,” “LizQuen,” “KimXi,” and “DonBelle,” “KathNiel” has been the most searched on Google since 2011, both locally and globally.

Google Trends data shows that Filipinos go to Google to learn more about news, trending topics, and even entertainment. In 2022 alone, five out of 10 overall top trending Google searches in the Philippines are lifestyle- and entertainment-related.

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