Paul Soriano’s ‘The Fisher’ creates a stir at Tokyo International Film Festival, enjoys harmonious family life with Toni and their children

Filmmaker Paul Soriano is celebrating the success of his latest film, “The Fisher,” which made waves at the recent Tokyo International Film Festival. In addition to his professional achievements, Soriano shared his happiness in his personal life, particularly his domestic bliss with his wife, Toni Gonzaga, and their two children.

During a recent interview, Soriano expressed his gratitude and excitement, stating, “Toni and I are doing great, thanks for asking. The new baby (Polly) is such a wonderful blessing and a great addition to our family.” He also mentioned that their elder child, Seve, is now a proud older brother. Soriano added, “Toni and I are now parents to two beautiful, healthy, and blessed children. We couldn’t be any happier.”

When asked about Gonzaga’s potential return to showbiz, Soriano confirmed that she took a break because of their newborn, but she has already resumed shooting, hosting, and vlogging. He praised his wife’s creativity and passion, stating, “Even when she was pregnant, she never stopped thinking of ways to express her creative side. My wife is an avid learner – she loves reading, watching, and staying up to date with what’s new.”

Soriano and Gonzaga are determined to continue pursuing their passions while cherishing their family and friends. Soriano expressed their desire to be continuously thankful and optimistic about new opportunities. He stated, “We feel blessed and look forward to new opportunities, with faith in our hearts that the best is yet to be.”

“The Fisher” is a movie Soriano wrote, directed, and produced. Reflecting on his inspiration for the film, Soriano shared that he sought to convey unique narratives with subtle messages that would touch his audience. He explained that researching myths and stories of grandmothers living in coastal towns led to the idea for the film.

The movie tells the story of a Filipino fisherman who encounters a Chinese fisherman and explores the evolving friendship between them. The cast includes Mon Confiado, Enchong Dee, Eula Valdez, and Mercedes Cabral. Soriano personally chose most of the actors, highlighting their talent and suitability for their respective roles.

“The Fisher” is set to have a theatrical run in the Philippines soon, and discussions are underway for distribution in other countries. Soriano expressed his excitement about the interest the film has generated and praised the Tokyo International Film Festival and its serious audience of cinema enthusiasts.

Soriano, who has previously attended the Tokyo International Film Festival for his films “Kid Kulafu” and “Mañanita,” described the experience as “wonderful” and expressed his anticipation for more international festivals featuring “The Fisher.”

While Soriano remains focused on filmmaking, he also expressed his passion for telling stories, producing for other filmmakers, and collaborating on projects. He emphasized that being a filmmaker is ingrained in him, stating, “I am really a filmmaker by heart.”

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