Anne Jakrajutatip declares intention to take legal action against those spreading ‘smear campaigns’

MUO Co-owner Threatens Legal Action Against ‘Fake News, Smear Campaigns’

Anne Jakrajutatip, co-owner of the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), has taken a firm stance against what she deems as “fake news and smear campaigns” targeting her media conglomerate, JKN Global Group. In a recent Instagram post on April 3, Jakrajutatip vowed to pursue legal action globally to combat false accusations and defamation aimed at her company.

Specifically, she called out Thailand-based TCG Social Media Group for allegedly spreading misinformation about the Miss Universe (MU) Coin controversy. Jakrajutatip also included a screenshot of a Facebook post from The Philippine Pageantry in her statement, although it is unclear if she plans to take legal action against the page admins.

“We will strongly take legal action now around the world with all [kinds] of fake news and smear campaigns related to our executives and our organization,” Jakrajutatip declared. She expressed her gratitude to supporters who have encouraged her to stand up against these attacks.

The Thai business mogul also posted a video in which she announced her intention to pursue legal action against those spreading rumors. This move comes after Jakrajutatip faced criticism for a leaked video in which she allegedly made controversial remarks about the pageant’s inclusivity efforts.

Moreover, she engaged in a public dispute with former MUO president Paula Shugart, accusing Shugart of involvement in manipulating pageant results for financial gain. Jakrajutatip clarified that these accusations were part of an attempt to tarnish her reputation.

Jakrajutatip’s decision to escalate legal action against perceived defamation and false news reflects her determination to defend her company against damaging allegations.

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