Israeli Diplomat Pays Condolences to Family of Slain Pinay Nurse

Israeli Ambassador to the Philippines, Ilan Fluss, paid a visit to the wake of Angelyn Aguirre, a Filipina nurse who tragically lost her life alongside her Israeli ward during an ambush by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The visit, documented in a heartfelt Facebook post by the ambassador, took place in Binmaley, Pangasinan, where Fluss offered his condolences to Aguirre’s family.

The ambassador met with Aguirre’s parents, siblings, husband, and the aunt who had cared for her since she was a child. Fluss described the experience as one of the most difficult tasks he has faced as the Ambassador of Israel to the Philippines, but also incredibly rewarding to be able to offer comfort and connect with a warm and loving Filipino family.

During the visit, Fluss was accompanied by Pangasinan Governor Ramon Guico III and Binmaley Mayor Pedro Merrera III. Aguirre’s family shared stories about her dedication and love for her family, including her nephews and nieces. Fluss mentioned that Aguirre even learned Hebrew to better communicate with her Israeli patient.

The ambassador expressed his heartbreak upon learning that Aguirre and her husband had only been married for a week before her untimely death, and that they had plans to start a family the following year. Fluss revealed that he cried together with Aguirre’s family, sharing with them experiences from Israeli culture and Jewish customs related to mourning.

Angelyn Aguirre’s remains, who chose to stay by her patient’s side during the October 7 Hamas attack, were repatriated to the Philippines on Friday, November 3. She is one of the four Filipinos confirmed to have lost their lives during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

The visit by Ambassador Fluss to the wake of Angelyn Aguirre highlights the human impact of the conflict and the shared grief experienced by individuals and families affected by this tragic event.

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