Manila lawmaker advocates for a forceful campaign against smoking and vaping among young individuals

Government Urged to Intensify Efforts in Discouraging Youth from Smoking and Vaping

Manila 6th district Representative Bienvenido Abante Jr., the Chairman of the House Committee on Human Rights, has called on the government to increase its efforts in discouraging young people from taking up smoking and vaping. In a statement released on Sunday, October 22, Abante highlighted the difficulties smokers face in quitting their addiction and emphasized the need for an aggressive campaign led by government agencies such as the National Youth Commission.

Abante also warned fellow legislators to be cautious of the tobacco industry’s attempts to lure a new generation of Filipinos into unhealthy vices like smoking and vaping. He pointed out the industry’s interference in the country’s policymaking, citing the 2023 Tobacco Industry Interference (TII) Index.

The TII Index serves as a measure of the level of industry interference to monitor progress in addressing this issue. According to the latest index, the Philippines scored 60 in 2023, an increase from its scores of 58 in 2021 and 59 in 2022, indicating a higher level of industry interference in government policymaking.

Abante emphasized that the country’s score in the index should serve as a wake-up call for those committed to protecting the youth from the harmful effects of tobacco use.

The call for increased efforts in discouraging smoking and vaping among the younger population comes at a time when health authorities worldwide are addressing the growing concerns surrounding these habits’ impact on overall public health.

Source: Dexter Barro II, [News Outlet]

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