I Should Have Saved Some for Myself

Kylie Padilla Gets Emotional as She Reflects on Her Efforts to Save Her Marriage with Aljur Abrenica

In a recent interview on “Fast Talk With Boy Abunda” on GMA Network, actress Kylie Padilla opened up about her emotional journey to save her marriage with Aljur Abrenica.

During the interview on November 3, Kylie expressed her honesty and realization about her decision to part ways with Aljur. She admitted, “I wish I had left something for myself because I really gave my all. People in relationships will go through struggles; there really is, that’s the reality, but because I made the promise of marriage, I said to myself, ‘If I’m unhappy now and our setup will be like this, I will still fight for my children.”

Kylie further explained that despite her efforts to make things work, their relationship didn’t succeed. “I was drained, but still, it ended with a breakup. I came from a broken family, so I do not want my children to be like me,” she added.

However, Kylie stated that she has no regrets about her decisions as they allowed her children to have a positive relationship with their father. “I made a promise to myself that even though I went through postpartum, I still fought until the end to stand by what we did in marriage. The fact that it wasn’t returned hurts me,” she shared.

In the same interview, Kylie also expressed that despite the challenges they faced, she no longer holds a grudge against Aljur. She recognized that he is still the father of their children, Alas and Axl.

It is evident that Kylie poured her heart into trying to save her marriage, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Despite the pain, she remains focused on providing her children with a loving and supportive environment.

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