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Global Dominion Financing Launches Ka-partner Academy to Empower Professionals

Financial services provider Global Dominion Financing has unveiled its latest educational platform, the Ka-partner Academy. This program aims to equip professionals with a wide range of business support and expansion concepts.

The Ka-partner Academy is not only for the company’s loan agents but also extends its resources to partner dealers and customers. It offers valuable insights on crucial topics like business registration and expansion, aiming to provide comprehensive training services to spark growth and accelerate development.

Jeric Cornejo, Global Dominion’s Chief Financial Officer and Ka-partner Academy lecturer, expressed his commitment to being Filipinos’ Ka-partner sa pag-angat. He believes that through programs like the Ka-partner Academy, they can do more as a partner beyond just providing loans and financing.

Courses at the academy are designed to deliver maximum impact in a short timeframe, lasting between 1.5 to 2 hours each for a minimum of eight attendees per class. The curriculum is strategically crafted to meet the needs and expectations of the participants.

The initiative includes participation from senior managers across various departments like BizDev, Sales and Marketing, Credit, People Department (People Dept), Compliance, and Finance. This cross-functional approach enhances training effectiveness and fosters a culture of teamwork and shared success within the organization.

Aian Guanzon, Global Dominion’s Business Development Head and another Ka-partner Academy lecturer, hopes that the learning programs at the academy will nurture new and stronger entrepreneurs in the country.

With a focus on training and collaboration, this initiative is set to inspire growth within individuals and organizations. Global Dominion’s dedication to being a true partner in progress for all Filipinos shines through in this program, embodying empowerment and transformation at every step.

Global Dominion Financing Inc. is committed to helping Filipinos achieve their aspirations through accessible and cost-effective loan products and services. The company’s innovative loan solutions cater to various needs, from buying a dream car to funding a business or addressing emergency expenses.

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