Facebook is Down: Thousands Report Outages on Messenger and Instagram, with Many Users Unexpectedly Logged Out

Meta Platforms Inc. faced significant disruptions across its suite of social media applications on Tuesday, as a multitude of users encountered technical difficulties. The issues began surfacing in the morning, with a notable surge in error reports logged around 10:30 a.m. Eastern Time, according to the online service monitoring platform Downdetector.

A considerable number of Facebook users experienced unexpected logouts and were greeted with error messages like, “Something went wrong. Please try again,” when attempting to sign back in. By 11 a.m., Downdetector had tallied over half a million such reports. Concurrently, Instagram aficionados found themselves unable to refresh their feeds, signaling a broader system malfunction.

The technical woes didn’t stop there; they also permeated Meta’s Messaging service and Threads, the company’s nascent microblogging platform. This widespread outage underscores the technical vulnerabilities that can affect even the most established of digital networks.

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