PNP and AFP Strengthen Alliance for Peace and Order

Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff, General Andres C Centino, was the Guest of Honor and Speaker, during the traditional Monday Falg-Raising Ceremony of the Philippine National Police in Camp Crame in Quezon City.

As a guest of honor, General Centino presented awards and medals to ten PNP personnel Police Regional Offices (PROs) BAR and NCRPO, as well as PRO-4A who were cited for significant accomplishments in recent police operations.

In his speech, General Centino emphasized the importance of the partnership between the AFP and PNP. He said, “The collaboration of the PNP and AFP is a very important role that both of our organizations should perform at the highest level of dedication and professionalism”.

“While the AFP is entrusted to address insurgency and the PNP is mandated to provide support to the AFP in this aspect, it is also the PNP which is entrusted to be at the forefront in maintaining peace and order in our country. And in the same manner, the AFP is mandated to provide law enforcement support operations to the PNP in ensuring peace and order in our country,” General Centino said.

He also praised the awardees for their bravery and dedication to their duty. “Today we are indeed privileged to be a witness to the bravery and courage of our honorees this morning. Your courage and selflessness reflect the character and spirit that make you police officers and public servants worth emulating,” he said.

Meanwhile, PNP Chief General Rodolfo S Azurin, Jr. expressed his gratitude to the AFP for their continued support and partnership with the PNP. He said, “We have seen firsthand the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform have made to ensure the well-being of our citizens. Our anti-insurgency and anti-terrorism efforts have been successful in countering the threats of violence and unrest in the country”.

“Our joint operations have prevented the escalation of violence, ensured the safety of our people, and protected our nation. The rapport between the PNP and AFP in the fight against communist insurgency and terrorism has been remarkable, and we should continue to strengthen our cooperation in this regard”, General Azurin said.

“Let us continue to work together, bound by our shared objectives. We must remain dedicated to safeguarding the national interest, as we chart a course towards a brighter future for the Philippines”, General Azurin added.

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