Elizabeth Banks and Kumail Nanjiani share their excitement for Illumination’s hilarious and action-filled new film ‘Migration’

Elizabeth Banks and Kumain Nanjiani have joined the voice cast of “Migration,” a new original comedy from Illumination. The film tells the story of a duck family embarking on a thrilling adventure, with Dad Mack (voiced by Nanjiani) hesitant to leave the safety of their pond, while Mom Pam (voiced by Banks) is eager to show their children the world.

Despite the initial challenges faced by the Mallard family, the experience ultimately leads them to expand their horizons, make new friends, and learn more about each other. This heartwarming story has attracted an all-star cast, with Nanjiani and Banks both drawn to the project because of its universal appeal and emphasis on family dynamics.

The film also delves into the romantic relationship between Mack and Pam, as they learn from each other and reconnect while facing the challenges of their adventure. The movie’s life-affirming message, particularly relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic, resonated with both Nanjiani and Banks.

With its stunning visuals and heartwarming storyline, “Migration” promises to be a hit for audiences of all ages. Nanjiani and Banks are excited to be part of the project, anticipating that it will bring joy and inspiration to viewers.

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