Isabelle Daza learns real-life skills from mother Gloria Diaz

Gloria Diaz, Miss Universe 1969, is known for her candid personality on social media. Her daughter, Isabelle Daza, keeps a close watch on her posts to ensure they remain uncontroversial. Isabelle even has access to her mother’s social media accounts, allowing her to monitor and remove any potentially problematic content.

Despite their reversal of roles in advising each other, Isabelle credits her mother for instilling important values in her, such as the significance of relationships, education, and prudent financial management. Gloria, on the other hand, learned the importance of saving money from her own mother, leading her to prioritize practicality over luxury.

Gloria’s influence on Isabelle extends beyond financial matters, as she also imparts valuable lessons on humility. Isabelle recalls a moment when her mother reminded her of the fleeting nature of fame in showbiz, highlighting the need to remain grounded and humble.

The mother-daughter duo also shared their perspectives on the inclusivity clause introduced by the Miss Universe Organization, which now allows women of all backgrounds to compete in the pageant. While they support inclusivity and equality, they also acknowledge the evolving nature of beauty pageants and the changing standards of participation.

Overall, Gloria and Isabelle’s relationship highlights the mutual respect and admiration they have for each other, as they navigate the complexities of social media, financial responsibility, and personal values together.

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