‘Civil War’ dystopian film surpasses ‘Godzilla x Kong’ at North American box office

In its debut weekend, the hard-hitting film “Civil War” has topped the North American box office, according to estimates from industry watcher Exhibitor Relations. The British-directed feature stars Kirsten Dunst as a journalist navigating through a fractured United States, where a three-term president is in conflict with secessionist forces from California and Texas.

The movie, which has drawn attention to the nation’s current divided state leading up to the presidential election in November, grossed $25.7 million in the US and Canada, surpassing the average for a dystopian thriller on its opening weekend. Analyst David A. Gross noted that while most films in this genre are set in futuristic worlds, “Civil War” stands out by presenting a contemporary and relatable storyline that is evoking strong emotional responses from audiences.

As “Civil War” claimed the top spot at the box office, “Godzilla x Kong” slipped to second place with an estimated $15.4 million in earnings. “Ghostbusters: The Ice Menace” secured third place with $5.8 million, followed by “Kung Fu Panda 4” with $5.5 million.

Meanwhile, “Dune: Part II” has continued its successful run in theaters, bringing in $4.3 million and climbing up the ranks after seven weeks of release. The science-fiction film, directed by Denis Villeneuve, has amassed $272 million since its premiere in March.

Rounding out the top 10 are “Monkey Man” ($4.1 million), “The First Omen” ($3.8 million), “The Long Game” ($1.4 million), “Shrek 2” (special 20th-anniversary re-release) ($1.3 million), and “Suga Agust D Tour ‘D-Day’ The Movie” ($991,000).

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