OPM Hitmakers share their thoughts on artists reviving their songs

OPM Hitmakers are Celebrating their 20th Year Anniversary

Renowned Filipino singers Hajji Alejandro, Marco Sison, Rey Valera, and Nonoy Zuniga, otherwise known as the OPM Hitmakers, are marking two decades of their musical collaboration and friendship. They have produced rich, enduring hits that have entertained generations of fans.

The OPM icons thank fate for bringing them together and are saddened that original member Rico J. Puno is no longer with them. However, they are pleased to celebrate 20 years of thriving in the industry and bringing joy through their songs.

Produced by Concert Queen Pops Fernandez and Flor Santos, the OPM Hitmakers are headlining the upcoming concert “XXceptional: The Hitmakers 20th Anniversary,” at the Theater at Solaire on Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. Gerry Matias is the musical director.

The group members reflected on their long-lasting friendship, recalling how they were once each other’s competitors. Hajji reminisced on their early days, stating that they didn’t realize they could become friends and remain intact for 20 years.

During the group’s 20 years in the industry, they claim to have had no major issues, believing that their age and understanding of one another have contributed to their longevity.

The OPM Hitmakers had initially not expected their partnership to last this long. They consider it a privilege to have made a career in music. They have each had their own dreams beyond singing but are grateful for the chance to continue making music for their fans.

As they prepare for their 20th-anniversary concert, the Hitmakers are looking forward to celebrating their journey and showcasing their classic songs that have stood the test of time. They consider it a blessing to still be relevant in the industry today.

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